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DocumentTypeEffective Date
IATA SSIMInternational Standard2019-03-01
IATA W.S.G.International Standard2019-01-01
Regulation (ECC) Nº 95/93 EU Legislation1993-01-22
Regulation (EC) Nº 894/2002EU Legislation2002-05-27
Regulation (EC) Nº 1554/2003EU Legislation2003-07-22
Regulation (EC) Nº 793/2004EU Legislation2014-04-21
Regulation (EC) Nº 545/2009EU Legislation2009-06-18
Regulation EC Nº 2019/618EU Legislation2019-04-15
Regulation (EC) Nº295/2012EU Legislation2012-03-03
Ν.4233/2014National legislation2014-01-29
G.G. B355/2015
National legislation2015-03-13
Rules and Guidelines for GABAH.S.C.A. Document2019-04-19
S20 A/P Operating Hours (Fraport Greece)Local Rule2019-05-15
S20 A/P Operating Hours (H.C.A.A.)Local Rule2019-05-15
Regulation of Operations and AdministrationH.S.C.A. Document2016-05-15