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The Slot Conference is a working conference.  As part of the slot process, the purpose of this voluntary assembly of both IATA and non-IATA airlines worldwide is to provide a forum for the allocation of slots at fully coordinated airports (Level 3), and for the reaching of consensus on the schedule adjustments necessary to conform to airport capacity limitations (Level 2). The semi-annual (June and November) Slot Conference is IATA's largest event. The Conference operating procedures are published in the Worldwide Slot Guidelines (WSG).

During the conference, slots are adjusted mainly through bilateral discussions between airlines and coordinators when it involves alternatives offered, or between airlines to exchange slots. As a slot change at one airport could affect one or more other airports, the conference provides the best forum in which all such repercussive changes can be quickly and efficiently processed and all airlines can leave the conference with slots which they consider are the best compromise between what is wanted and what is available.

Meeting appointments can and should be arranged in advance of the conference using the IATA Appointment Calendar (AppCal)- further details below, under ''Conference Webtools''. The conference dealing with northern winter schedules is held in June, and the conference held in November deals with the northern summer schedules for the following year. All relevant dates for summer and winter slot coordination activities can be found in the calendar of Slot Coordination activities located just after the Preface of the World Slot Guidelines – WSG.

The Conference also deals with adjustments to planned future schedules to fit in with the slots available at airports. This activity has nothing to do with adjustments to schedules on the day of operation for air traffic flow management. The two types of slot allocation are quite different and unrelated. 

 Attending Slot Conferences 

The Slot Conference is open to all air carriers and airport coordinators involved in the Scheduling Process. Complete and detailed information about eligibility to attend the IATA Slot Conference can be found in 10.1 of the additional documents of the WSG.

Slot Conference Activities 

The Slot Conference provides the opportunity for pre-conference committee and workgroup meetings such as SISC, SPWG and JSAG. 

  • Check the IATA meetings calendar for dates and times of workgroup meetings open to delegates.
  • Check SlotLink for meeting agendas 

Information Sessions such as the Heads of Delegation Meeting and Airline Heads of Delegation Meeting are held during the conference, as well as general meetings for the EUACA, and the WWACG. 

For specific details, see the Conference Memorandum issued to the Head of Delegation and posted on the current Slot Conference web page. 

Participants also have access to an Exhibition area where different Service suppliers for airlines and coordinators are represented. Companies wishing to participate as exhibitors or sponsors should contact Mr. Michael Huntington, Sales Manager - Conferences.

The Conference Webtools 

  • The IATA Appointment Calendar (AppCal) is a web-based tool designed to facilitate the IATA Slot Conference appointment making process among the different participants. Conference sponsors and exhibitors also use AppCal. This tool enables participants in the SC to complete their meeting agenda prior to their arrival on the Conference site and contains the latest information on activities times and location for meetings at the SC.