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Online Coordination

Re-designation of IATA Level at Greek Airports

HSCA would like to inform you that, following 19918/5981/30-8-18 decision issued by HCAA, Level of Congestion for Summer 19 is re-designated for the airports of Paros, Samos, Mitilini and Kavala, according to the following table:


IATA Level S18

IATA Level S19


Non-Coordinated   (Level 1)

Coordinated              (Level 3)


Coordinated          (Level 3)

Scedules Facilitated (Level 2)


Coordinated          (Level 3)

Scedules Facilitated (Level 2)


Coordinated          (Level 3)

Scedules Facilitated (Level 2)

New Chairman of H.S.C.A. Appointment

Γνωστοποιείται οτι απο τη δημοσίεση της απόφασης του Υπουργού Υποδομών και Mεταφορών με αρ. ΦΕΚ ΥΟΔΔ  408/22-8-2017, Νέος Πρόεδρος της Εθνικής Αρχής Συντονισμού Πτήσεων (Ε.Α.Σ.Π.) διορίζεται ο Κος Τσουκαλάς Δημήτριος.


As of the 22nd of August 2017, following the publication in the Goverment's Gazzette (408/22-8-2017) of the decision issued by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. TSOUKALAS DIMITRIOS has been appointed as the new Chairman of H.S.C.A.

Reduction of capacity in SKG for W17

The Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority announces capacity reduction at SKG (LGTS) airport during the winter period 2017-2018 (W17due to runway works on the intersection of runways (10-28 and 16-34). The taxiway F, parallel taxiway to runway 10-28, will be appropriately converted to runway for the mentioned time period.


SHL distribution for W17

HSCA would like to inform that all W17 SHL's for Thessaloniki airport have been sent on Thursday, 13th April 2017.